An Initiative of the defense language and national security education office

Request for Proposals

Project GO serves as a national resource for critical language instruction for ROTC students by offering language instruction and study abroad options during the academic year and summer, thereby allowing all ROTC students in the country, regardless of the location of their home institutions, to utilize scholarship opportunities for domestic and overseas language study.  Building national infrastructure is particularly critical for less-commonly taught languages for which there are very few national resources and there is very low student enrollment nationally; pooling resources and students offers the most cost-effective option for developing officers with experience in these regions and languages. Project GO institutions offer language programs and study abroad resources across an array of languages.

Open RFP's

Project GO seeks proposals from U.S. institutions of higher education to develop and implement Chinese overseas programs in Taiwan for ROTC students from all majors and disciplines. Applicants must demonstrate the capacity to teach Chinese language to a minimum proficiency level of ILR 1.

The project and application guidelines for this solicitation can be found here. Proposals are due on Friday, April 5, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

If you have any questions or have concerns about a proposal submission, please email