Project GO Central Application Instructions

To download a PDF copy of the Project GO Central Application Instructions, please click here.

Project GO Application: 

IMPORTANT!  The application system has a 60-minute timeout. If you are logged in for more than 60 minutes and have not saved your work, you will lose what you have entered. Save often!


General Information:

  • Project GO utilizes a central application in which it is possible to apply to both domestic and overseas programs. You can apply for up to three domestic and three overseas programs, equaling six programs total.
  • All materials must be submitted through the central application system. No materials sent to individual Project GO institutions will be considered.

You do not have to complete the entire application at one time. The application will save your work as you navigate through the system. To exit the application system, click the red “Log Out” Link in the upper right-hand corner of the application

Starting an Application:

  • Proceed to the online application and click 'Create an Account.'
  • Create an account by entering your first and last name, email address, and birthdate. You will then be emailed a PIN with instructions on how to log in and create a password.
  • Once you have registered, the application will open to the Welcome Page. Please read this page carefully before clicking “Continue” at the bottom of the page. The application initially contains three sections on the left side of the screen: Welcome, Eligibility, and Review.
  •  Overseas (study abroad and hybrid) programs application deadline: January 18, 2024 

    • If you are applying for any overseas programs, your application must by submitted by this date, even if you are also applying for domestic programs.
  • Domestic programs application deadline: February 27, 2024 

    • This is the deadline to submit your application if you are only applying to domestic programs.
    •  If you are applying to both overseas and domestic programs, you must submit your application by the earlier, January 18 deadline. However, you may add to or edit your domestic program selections until the domestic program deadline, even if your application has already been submitted.

You may apply to both overseas and domestic programs in the same application. You may choose to either submit the complete application with all program selections (overseas and domestic) by the overseas application deadline, or you may submit the application with only the overseas program selections by the overseas program deadline, and then come back to the application to add or edit domestic program selections. You may add or edit domestic program selections as desired up until the domestic programs deadline. Information on how to add or edit domestic program selections to a submitted Project GO application can be found at the end of these instructions.

All components of the application, including both recommendation forms, must be present by the application submission deadline in order for the application to be considered complete.



  • Please make sure to review the eligibility page on the Project GO website before proceeding.
  • Select the appropriate responses from the drop-down menu, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  • If your responses match the required eligibility for Project GO, additional application materials will appear on the left side detailing the seven parts of the application: ROTC Information, Contact and Biographical Information, Academic Information, and Program Selection
  • After you have completed the Program Selection section, the final parts of the application will appear: Language Background, Essays, Overseas (if applicable), Request Recommenders, and Signature

ROTC Information, Contact and Biographical Information, and Academic Information:

  •  Provide your name and information about your ROTC participation, including Service, unit, university, contract status, and commander contact information. Please complete all fields on the ROTC Information page as all are required for application submission.
  •  Enter your personal information including your address and contact information, as well as demographic and biographical information.  Please note that while all fields are required, some fields (such as race and gender) include a “Decline to Respond” option if you do not wish to disclose or self-identify.
  • Please provide details about previous and current educational experiences, including the U.S. institution of higher education where you are pursuing a degree. If you cannot find your home institution, please contact [email protected] so it can be added.
  • Upload a transcript from your current institution as well as any previous institutions attended that you listed above. Unofficial or official copies of transcripts are accepted. However, unofficial transcripts should be clearly marked to show that they were downloaded from the Registrar’s website or your university account. Note that transcripts cannot be added to an application after it has been submitted.
  • Provide details, if applicable, on your participation in The Language Flagship, Boren, or previous Project GO programs. This information is used for data collection purposes and does not impact your Project GO application review. Click “Continue” after completing the section.

Program Selection:

  • We strongly recommend that you read about Project GO and the available programs on our website before completing this section! 
  • This section is divided into two sections: Study Abroad/Hybrid Programs and Domestic Programs. You may apply to up to three of each type for a total of six programs.  
  • First, select the language you are most interested in applying for. Then, a list of programs for that language will appear below. After you choose a program, relevant details about that program will appear below. 
  • Repeat for as many programs as you’d like to apply to. You may apply for as few as one program or as many as six (three of each type). 

Language Background:

  • In the Language Background section, the languages you selected in the previous section will appear in the section “Language abilities”. Please select your language level (Year 1-Year 6) for each language you selected in the Program Selection section. Your language level relates to how many semesters of study you’ve completed in that language. 
    • Someone who will have completed fewer than two semesters of study in the language by the start of the Project GO program should choose, "Year 1," someone who will have completed 2-3 semesters of study in the language should choose "Year 2", someone who will have completed 4-5 semesters of study in the language should choose "Year 3," and someone who will have completed 6-7 semesters of study in the language should choose "Year 4.
  • Please indicate your native language in the “Native Language” drop down menu. Please also indicate if you are a heritage speaker of any of the Project GO languages you applied to.
  •  Describe your previous or current language training for the Project GO languages you applied to, if any.
  • Describe your previous or current language training for other non-native languages you’ve studied, including years of language study, a description of language instruction at your institution, and any non-academic study in the language. Include information such as “French, fifth and sixth semester, Ohio State University, final grades: B+, A.” 

•    There are two required essays for the application. Please make sure your responses are succinct and effectively address the prompts. Note that each essay has a word limit displayed below the text box.


  • This section of the application will only appear if you have selected any study abroad or hybrid programs in the Program Selection section. If you are only applying to domestic programs, you may skip this section.
  • In the International Programs and Passport Check, after selecting “Yes” or “No”, you will be required to either input your passport expiration date or the date on which you expect to apply for a passport. A U.S. passport that is valid for at least six months after the program end date is required to travel overseas for Project GO.
  • Applicants for overseas programs must complete an additional short essay that is found in this section.

Register Recommenders:

  • The Project GO application requires a recommendation from an academic reference and a recommendation from your commanding officer. You may not have two academic recommendations or two CO recommendations.
  • You will see a link to "Add Recommender." You must click this to open the recommendation request box. 
  • After the recommender information has been entered, click “Invite Recommenders” directly under the last recommender’s information. This will trigger an automatically generated email to be sent to your recommenders from the application system.
    • The deadline for the recommendation is the same as the deadline for the application (January 18 if you have selected any overseas programs, February 27 if you have only selected domestic programs). 
    • The deadline that the recommender will see in the request email will depend on the programs that you have chosen in the Program Selection section. If you have selected any overseas programs, the January 18 deadline will display. If you have only selected domestic programs, the February 27 date will display.
    • If you request a recommendation with only domestic programs selected, and then change your mind to add overseas programs, please be sure to notify your recommender of the earlier deadline, as they only get the email one time!
  • Alert your recommenders that they will receive an email from the “Project GO," including a link to the recommendation form; note that the email from the application system may be filtered to their junk or spam folder. Recommendation forms MUST be received by the application due date. 
  • We strongly advise that you enter recommender information as early as possible in order to allow recommenders sufficient time to complete and submit the recommendation form by the application submission deadline.
  • Once the recommendation requests have been submitted, you may log back into your application to view the status of a recommendation, edit information about your recommenders, or send a reminder.
  • The system allows for a maximum of two recommendations, so if you need to change a recommender, you must first delete one of your recommenders from your recommender list before adding a new recommender.


Review Application:
•    This section will highlight any parts of the application that are incomplete, and provide links for you to return to that section to complete it.
•    In order to correct errors, simply click on the link of the relevant section.
•    You will be unable to submit your application until the application is complete
Returning to your Application:
•    To return to your application, navigate to the log in page and enter your login credentials.
•    To view different sections of the application, click the desired section from the navigation panel on the left-hand side.

Submit Application:
•    When your application is complete, click on “Submit Application.”
•    If you submit your application in error, contact [email protected]


Because the Project GO domestic programs deadline is later than the Project GO overseas programs deadline, you may add or edit domestic program selections after submitting your application, up until the Project GO domestic application deadline.

To do this, log into your application. You will be directed to the “Status Page”. On this page, at the top, you will see a link to the domestic program options, where you can add or update domestic program selections. 

Also on the status page is the level you have selected for each language. If you select any new languages or change your language selections, please be sure to update your language levels and other language history as well. For example, if you navigate to the status page, and choose a domestic Chinese program, but you hadn’t previously selected any Chinese language programs, you will need to indicate what year of study you are in Chinese after making this selection. This also appears on the status page. Be sure to click “Submit” after indicating the appropriate language level.  


You may also view the status of your recommendations from the “status” page, or make edits to your recommender list. For example, you can see if a recommendation has been received yet. If you need to remove a recommender and add someone new, you may do so by clicking the “recommendations page” link at the bottom of the status page.