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University of Wisconsin-Madison: Urdu (Study Abroad)

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E.g., Wednesday, August 12, 2020
E.g., Wednesday, August 12, 2020
E.g., Wednesday, August 12, 2020
New Delhi, India
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Dates of Program: 
June 10, 2020
August 6, 2020



Program Type: 
Summer Study Abroad
Program Level: 
Year 1
Classroom/Study Hours: 
Year 1
Credits offered8
Number of Classroom Hours per week20
Number of Self-Study/Homework Hours per week10 - 15
Number of Hours With a Language Partner per week2 - 4
Number of Hours of Other Activities per week2 - 6

Year 1 (Elementary): Urdu for All: An Introduction to Urdu Script by Roop Krishen Bhat; Ibtedai Urdu by Roop Krishan Bhat and Tabassum Naqi; Asaan Urdu Shairi by Roop Krishan Bhat and Tabassum Naqi; Introductory Urdu by C.M. Naim, English-Urdu, Urdu-English Combined Dictionary by Abdul Haq

Program Details: 

First year Urdu is offered through CET Academic Programs in south New Delhi, India. Students take 150 contact hours of Urdu classes, participate in various language immersion activities in Delhi, and are exposed to military, security and foreign policy resources. Students reside with local families (homestays) and are provided 2 meals daily. Students not only return from India with greatly improved Urdu, but also gain professional insights and a unique understanding of contemporary India.

All Project GO programs provide funding for:

  • Tuition/fees
  • Room and Board
  • Travel to/from study location
  • Books
  • Insurance
  • Visa

The following costs will not be included in Project GO Funding: personal spending money, personal travel, costs for obtaining a passport, medication, and expenses for dependents.

Please Note: Project GO participants planning to travel abroad MUST have a valid U.S. passport in their possession no later than 90 days before anticipated travel date. Many destinations require student visas, which take additional processing time. For further information, visit our FAQs.

Additional Details: 

There are no language prerequisites for first year Urdu to attend this program. This is an intensive language course worth 8 college credits, covering two semesters of language study in one summer and focusing on speaking, listening, reading and writing. By the end of the course, students should be proficient enough at speaking, listening and reading to achieve ILR 1 or ILR 1+ depending on retention and prior language experience.

Activities and excursions will include several activities, in and around Delhi, involving religious, cultural, historical and military significance. Visits with US and Indian military officials are expected to occur again in summer 2020.

Housing and meals include homestay accommodations for all students, two meals daily and internet access.

Application Deadline: 
January 13, 2020
Separate application?: 
Yes. Students interested in participating and receiving funding for this program must complete multiple applications. Please view application details below or contact the program coordinator for further information.
How to Apply: 

Students interested must complete TWO separate applications (Project GO and UW Study Abroad at UW-Madison).

1.  To apply for Project GO funding, click on the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page.

2.  Students who are awarded funding from Project GO will need to apply for the UW in India program via the UW Study Abroad application website at (Application Deadline: March 1, 2020)

Note: Full completion of the UW Study Abroad application is not necessary until Project GO scholarships are announced February 12, 2020.  However, you are welcome to start an application with UW Study Abroad. Please note that completion and acceptance to UW Study Abroad prior to February 12, 2020, does not guarantee Project GO funding.

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