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Georgia Institute of Technology: Japanese (Online)

Location: Online, Virtual

Language: Japanese

School: Georgia Institute of Technology

Dates of Program: May 15, 2021 - July 20, 2021

Program Type: Summer Study Abroad

Program Level: Year 3 ,

Classroom/Study Hours:

Year 3
Credits offered 9
Number of Classroom Hours per week 19
Number of Self-Study/Homework Hours per week 8-10
Number of Hours With a Language Partner per week 3-5
Number of Hours of Other Activities per week 10


  • JAPN 3691: An Introduction to Technical Japanese, 2007 by Kikuko Nishina, Mitsuru Doi, and Tomoko Takano (loaned from LBAT Japan program) 
  • JAPN 3692  None (Course packet containing reading materials will be distributed)
  • JAPN 3693  None (Course packet containing reading materials will be distributed)

*Note - Textbooks are subject to change

Program Details

UPDATE: This program has transitioned from domestic to online programming. Please reach out to the Project GO institutional contact listed below for any specific questions regarding the program or this change.  


All Project GO programs provide funding for:

  • Tuition/fees
  • Room and Board
  • Travel to/from study location
  • Books
  • Insurance
  • Visa

The following costs will not be included in Project GO Funding: personal spending money, personal travel, costs for obtaining a passport, medication, and expenses for dependents.

Please Note: Project GO participants planning to travel abroad MUST have a valid U.S. passport in their possession no later than 90 days before anticipated travel date. Many destinations require student visas, which take additional processing time. For further information, visit our FAQs.

Additional Details:

Description: Via the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program, participants will interact with Japanese University students to discuss global issues such as our “new normal” during/after the pandemic and topics related to the UN’s SDGs (sustainable developmental goals). One-on-one conversation and tutoring sessions with University students will help students reflect on and improve their conversation skills. Materials for lessons in calligraphy and origami will be delivered to your door so that you can experience hands-on learning during live streaming from an experienced instructor. Other cultural activities will include movie nights followed by discussions with overseas Japanese peers; virtual tours of Tokyo, including the Asakusa-Kannon Temple, Tokyo Skytree, and the Asahi Beer Head Office, in which you will be able to speak to your Jinrikisha driver in Japanese; and a variety of excursions, such as the locally guided Hiroshima Peace Tour;  the South Kagoshima Tour to visit Samurai residences in Chiran, Iwo-jima, and the Hamada Tea Factory. Through the wonders of technology, students will experience climbing Mt. Fuji to watch the sunrise from the most beautiful spot in Japan and enjoy sites tourists rarely visit, such as Japan's Sulfur Islands. 

We will also take advantage of the large Japanese business community in Atlanta for guest speakers to provide a professional perspective on Japan-U.S. business relations and answer career-related questions on proficiency in Japanese language and culture. 

  • Virtual Field trips (Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Hiroshima, South Kagoshima)
  • Cultural Activities (calligraphy and Origami)
  • Movie Nights (Studio Ghibli movies, the documentary film Hayabusa 2, and more!)
  • Guest speakers from Tokyo and Hiroshima 
  • Numerous opportunities to interact with Japanese students, including APU "buddies" during tutoring sessions as well as students/faculty in Tokyo via COIL system.


Watch the Japan LBAT (2015) Student Video to learn more about the program.

Prerequisite: Completion of 2nd-year Japanese (JAPN 2002) prior to start date. Students who have not completed 2nd-year Japanese may contact [email protected] for a placement test.

Host Institutions: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and Sophia University in Tokyo

Courses: Students will take the following third-year Japanese courses:

  • JAPN 3691: Technical and Scientific Japanese -- An introductory course in technical and scientific Japanese. 
  • JAPN 3692: Business Japanese -- This course is an introductory course in business Japanese. Students will be introduced to not only business-oriented vocabulary and new grammar patterns, but also fundamental socio-cultural knowledge necessary to communicate appropriately in Japanese. 
  • JAPN 3693: Japan Today: Toward Sustainable Society -- This course aims to help students explore current socio-cultural-economic issues in present-day Japan and develop cultural awareness and sensitivity that promote understanding of potential difficulties in intercultural communication. Particular emphasis will be placed on the problems Japan faces from the standpoint of sustainability and various approaches taken by the Japanese government and people to solve these problems.

Additional Information: For more details, visit or You may also contact us at [email protected].

Application Deadline: January 13, 2021

Separate application?: Yes. Students interested in participating and receiving funding for this program must complete multiple applications. Please view application details below or contact the program coordinator for further information.

How to Apply:

Prior to the scholarship application deadline, students only need to complete the online Project GO scholarship application. Students are also highly encouraged, but not required, to schedule a phone interview by emailing [email protected].Following the scholarship selection process, students who are awarded a scholarship by Georgia Tech will be given instructions on how to complete the separate application process to the correct Georgia Tech study abroad program. 

Program Images:

Name: Neta Kanny

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: 404-385-4643

Thank you very much.