Project Go

The ROTC Language & Culture Project


Army ROTC Policies and Initiatives

Language Scholarships 

Army ROTC scholarships are for cadet foreign language majors and are awarded above the unit's normal allocation of scholarships. For more information, see your local Army ROTC commander.

Language Requirements 

The Army has no mandatory language requirement. However, Army leadership expects all Army officers to affiliate with a region of the world and pursue lifelong learning focusing on that region and a foreign language spoken in that region.

Support for NSEP Programs 

Cadet Command does not generally fund components of NSEP programs.

Monetary Incentives 

Foreign Language/Cultural Studies Bonus – also known as CLIP-B (Culture and Language Incentive Pay-Bonus) is a bonus of up to $3000 (before taxes and deductions) a year for satisfactorily completing (C or above) approved foreign language and cultural studies courses. CLIP-B is open to almost all contracted cadets (not all Army ROTC students are contracted cadets). Cadets are eligible for the entire semester in which they first contract, and for all subsequent semesters. Commanders should refer to CC Pam 145-3-2 (current version) to determine a student's eligibility.

Extension of Benefits for Summer Language Courses – ROTC students on scholarship may elect to use a semester of their ROTC scholarship benefits to fund summer study. Cadets may also elect to have their scholarship cover an additional semester (summer session) for language study. However, cadets who do so will incur an additional active duty service commitment (ADSO) for each enrolled summer. Example – a cadet with a four year scholarship who uses AROTC scholarship funding for a summer will have to stay on active duty for an additional period, to be determined by their ROTC scholarship requirements. Additionally, cadets still have a statutory maximum ten semester limit, the use of the ROTC scholarship for the Extension of Benefits for Summer Language Courses counts as one of those semesters.

Languages Lists

  • Arabic – all dialects
  • Chinese – all dialects
  • Hausa – and all indigenous Sub-Saharan languages/dialects (except Afrikaans)
  • Indonesian – all dialects
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay and Malaysian languages and dialects
  • Persian – all dialects including: Dari, Farsi, Tajik
  • Pashto – all dialects and languages of Afghanistan
  • Portuguese – all dialects
  • Russian and all Slavic languages, as well as Romanian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian
  • Turkish and languages of Central Asia: Turkmen, Uzbek, Kazakh, Uyghur
  • Urdu, Hindi and languages of the Indian Subcontinent: Punjabi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Sinhalese, and Burmese
  • Vietnamese, Khmer and Laotian and other South East Asian dialects
  • A total of over 70 languages are now CLIP-eligible, nearly all of which are found in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe

Other Summer Language and Culture Options 

Independent of Project GO, Army ROTC conducts Culture and Language Immersion Deployments all over the world. Cadets may apply for an internship by filling out this form. The application period for these programs is 15 September  to 1 November each year for deployments during the following Summer Training Period.