An Initiative of the defense language and national security education office


In 2005, the Department of Defense published the Defense Language Transformation Roadmap which laid out broad goals, objectives, and specific tasks for achieving the full range of language capabilities necessary to support the 2004 Defense Strategy.  In support of the roadmap, Project GO, was created in 2007 to provide institutions of higher education with grants to award ROTC students nationwide scholarships for language study.  In April 2007, four universities received the first Project GO grants for pilot projects aimed at increasing the number of ROTC students studying critical languages. In 2008, eight additional universities were awarded grants for pilot projects.

Over the initial years of the pilot, programs focused their resources towards providing summer language training and summer study abroad opportunities to ROTC students. Providing summer opportunities allowed universities to serve ROTC students outside of the institution's local ROTC population, making their institutional resources available to the national population.

Currently, there are 25 institutions hosting Project GO programs that serve ROTC students nationwide.  In 2014, 544 ROTC students benefited from language training opportunities through Project GO, bringing the total number of ROTC students funded through Project GO to over 3,500 students.  Project GO continues to be among the only sources, and perhaps the most easily accessible and available source, of funding for summer domestic language study and study abroad for ROTC students.